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We want to promote nature-based solutions, so that water regains its place in its natural environment, and land-use planning respects the environment, to the benefit of all living beings.


TenCate AquaVia provides technical solutions for building sustainable infrastructures that respect the natural water cycle to preserve water quality and safety.


TenCate AquaVia is the embodiment of the team's core values, which guide our every action. We firmly believe in the power of the collective to advance towards our common goal.

Stormwater management

Why specialize in stormwater management?

Stormwater management plays a key role in the development of a region. Better stormwater management means eliminating the pollution generated by human activity and returning clean water to the soil.

From the outset, AquaVia has specialized in the treatment of stormwater, particularly when it infiltrates into the ground.

In contrast to the old-fashioned and costly "all-pipe" technique, we prefer decentralized, "at-source" or "integrated and sustainable" management. We are convinced that water, a fundamental element of life on Earth, deserves this differentiated approach, which enables us to renaturalize territories, restore soil richness and limit the effects of global warming.

Ville et eau

Clean infiltration is key

Preserving water quality is at the heart of our concerns to build a sustainable world for future generations.

We believe that a modern territory encompasses the notions of innovation, integrated stormwater management, circularity and urban well-being.

We want to restore water to its rightful place in the environment, and see the emergence of a harmonious coexistence between land-use planning and respect for the environment, for the benefit of all living beings.

TenCate AquaVia

A French company committed to the environment

Since 2020, TenCate AquaVia has been designing and manufacturing, in France, aquatextile solutions that depollute rainwater as it infiltrates into the ground, thereby preserving water quality, soil quality and biodiversity.

These depolluting aquatextiles aim to protect our environment from potential micropollutant pollution, and to preserve biodiversity and human health.

TenCate AquaVia is a subsidiary of the Solmax group.

TenCate AquaVia

Who do we address?

As a player in integrated, sustainable stormwater management (pollution treatment), the company focuses primarily on :

  • Public and private project owners and developers.
  • Architects and engineering consultants.
  • Organizations and institutions that manage or influence regional development.
  • Public bodies include the Directions Départementales des Territoires (DDT), which report to the Prefectures, and the Directions Régionales de l'Environnement, de l'Aménagement et du Logement (DREAL), which report to the Ministries of Ecological and Solidarity Transition and Territorial Cohesion.
  • Water Agencies, which finance infiltration projects at source.
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Our successes

500 +

Projects carried out in Europe

7 tonnes

Biodegraded hydrocarbons

Our values

The TenCate AquaVia spirit

TenCate AquaVia is the embodiment of the team's core values, which guide our every action. We firmly believe in the power of the collective to advance towards our common goal. These core values inspire us to act with integrity, to invest in our people and our customers, and to strive for a future where meaning, transparency and environmental preservation are the pillars of our success. With every challenge we face, we draw on our high standards and commitment to transform opportunities into tangible achievements.

Making people a primary asset

Every person who works with us is a source of value: we draw strength from our differences, and find the best way to work together, grow and flourish when we complement each other.

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Protecting the environment

As we pursue our objectives, we always keep a watchful eye on our environmental impact. Preserving our planet's water and soil quality, as well as protecting biodiversity, is the cornerstone of TenCate AquaVia.

Donner du sens

Giving meaning

Giving meaning is the foundation of our intrapreunarial approach. We strive to understand the why behind every action we take. This is how we create meaningful impact, by aligning our efforts with a clear and precise vision.


A demanding approach

As a company with a collective responsibility, we are committed to promoting solutions that have a positive impact on water and soil quality. We are demanding in terms of the quality of our solutions, our customer relations, and the choice of our partners and employees.


Being transparent

Transparency guides our every interaction and action. We believe in the importance of openness and clarity, towards both our employees and our partners. This value creates an environment of trust where ideas flow freely, decisions are informed and relationships are solid.

Sortir du cadre

Stepping out of the box

Symbolizing our willingness to explore beyond our limits, to defy convention and find new paths. It's a state of mind that drives us to innovate and break new ground. By thinking outside the box, we find new perspectives that broaden our horizons and shape our daily lives with originality.

Attribuer sa confiance

Assigning confidence

Trust is woven into every interaction, project and commitment we undertake. Trust is the glue that binds our teams together, forges lasting relationships with our customers and guides our decisions. By honoring this value, we create an environment where collaboration thrives.

TenCate AquaVia

A united team with shared principles

Water conservation is at the heart of our environmental concerns, and brought us together to found and develop TenCate AquaVia.

The desire to change the course of our industry and our ecosystem calls for collective energy and strong action. That's why we believe it's the responsibility of companies like ours to innovate and move the yardsticks through concrete commitments to a better ecological transition.

We are convinced that this requires new land-use planning and the promotion of a stormwater management model that is more respectful of the water cycle, in order to restore water quality and preserve soil biodiversity.

Have a question? Need help?

Our team works hand in hand to help you with your projects

To help you realize your projects, or if you have any questions about TenCate AquaVia, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Jean-Pascal Mermet

"Freshwater resources are vital, yet scarce (less than 1% on earth). In addition, the growth of urbanization is leading to an increase in impervious surfaces, producing large volumes of hydrocarbon-polluted runoff.

TODAY, it's even more crucial to manage stormwater in terms of quality, not just quantity, by ensuring greater infiltration of clean water. Thanks to our InDi'Green® and GeoClean® active oleo-depolluting aquatextiles, we offer a clean, long-lasting, cost-effective and maintenance-free solution, which also helps to limit expensive and often saturated collection structures."

L'homme et la nature