Environmental commitment

Protecting the environment is at the heart of our DNA. Our depolluting aquatextiles preserve biodiversity, and we strive to be virtuous in all our actions and practices.

Quality commitment

Our commitment to quality drives us to constantly innovate and raise our standards. Our team develops proprietary technical solutions to clean up stormwater during infiltration for sustainable stormwater management.

French Biodiversity Office

TenCate AquaVia, committed to nature

Becoming a Company Committed to Nature means learning to better understand its dependencies and impacts on biodiversity, so as to define an action plan that benefits the company, its suppliers, its employees, its region and the planet.
✅Take concrete action in favor of our environment and biodiversity to reduce our direct or indirect pressures and impacts on biodiversity.
✅Raise awareness of the quality of stormwater infiltration and the capacity of our environment to manage this pollution.
✅ Inspire

After analyzing our dependence on and impact on biodiversity, we identified priority actions to define an action plan that would benefit the company, our customers, our suppliers and the planet.


CSR: At the heart of company strategy

For decision-makers, CSR is a key issue in the move towards ecological transition. 75% of employees feel uneasy about their company's inaction in tackling the environmental crisis, and 6 out of 10 are even considering leaving for these reasons (Imagreen Kantar study). Companies must therefore rise to the challenge and demonstrate their environmental approach, especially to their employees.

For a development project, companies and private groups are turning to soil waterproofing and arming themselves with eco-responsible solutions to reduce their impact. Our aquatextiles are one such solution.

Bringing about hydro-responsibility is our contribution to 21st-century landscaping that respects the water cycle, preserves soils and their biodiversity. TenCate AquaVia defines itself as a promoter of biodiversity.


We are ISO-certified

Our aquatextiles are tested and verified in our Cofrac-certified laboratory and in specialized independent laboratories with numerous accreditations.

ISO 9001


ISO 14001


ISO 45001


ISO 9001; ISO 14001; ISO 45001 - RGB

Recognized technical performance

As a member of leading clusters in the fields of water management, the environment and ecological transition, we work to promote sustainable regional development and integrated stormwater management.

We also work with networks of European technical partners.

Association and cluster networks:


European partners:


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