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Stormwater management plays a key role in the development of urban areas. In this context, better management means eliminating the pollution generated by human activity and returning clean water to the soil.

As part of our ongoing innovation drive, we design and manufacture aquatextiles in France that remove pollution from stormwater as it infiltrates into the ground, thereby preserving water and soil quality and protecting biodiversity.

Aquatextiles meet a strong demand from city planners and local authorities for a sustainable management of water resources. With almost 1,000 projects in Europe and sustained growth, TenCate AquaVia SAS, a subsidiary of the Solmax Group, integrated into Solmax France SAS on May 1, 2024, to support and accelerate its development.

As a breakthrough innovation in qualitative stormwater management, aquatextiles perfectly illustrate the spirit and philosophy of Solmax, whose mission is to design solutions for building safer, more resilient, and more sustainable infrastructures.